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Preliminary Program

A Blockchain and Gamification Approach for Smart Parking
Joao Ferreira, Ana Lucia Martins

Collaborative Gamified Approach for Transportation
Joao Ferreira, Ana Lucia Martins

A Low-Cost Smart Parking solution for Smart Cities based on open software and hardware
Carlos Serrao, Joao Fernandes, Nuno Garrido

Assessing the YOLO series through empirical analysis on the KITTI dataset for autonomous driving
Filipa Ramos, Rosaldo J. F. Rossetti, Alexandre Correia

With Whom Transport Operators Should Partner? An Urban Mobility and Services Geolocation Data Analysis
Marta Campos Ferreira, Teresa Galvao, Joao Cunha

Improving fleet solution – a case study 
Ana Lucia Martins, Ana Catarina Nunes,  Rita Pereira, Joao Ferreira

Smart Mobility: A Mobile Approach
Ricardo Faria, Lina Brito, Karolina Baras, Jose Silva

Intermodal routing model for sustainable transport through multi-objective optimization
Cecilia Vale, Isabel Ribeiro

Prediction of Journey Destination for Travelers of Urban Public Transport: A Comparison Model Study
Vera Costa, Tânia Fontes, J. Borges, Teresa Galvao

Simulation and Testing of a Platooning Cooperative Longitudinal Controller
Vadym Hapanchak, A. Costa,  Joaquim Macedo, Bruno Dias, Joao Nicolau, Alexandre Santos, Bruno Ribeiro, Fábio Gonçalves, Oscar Gama, Paulo Araujo

Challenges in Object Detection under Rainy Weather Conditions 
Sinan Hasirlioglu, Andreas Riener

A Low Latency SCAN-Flip Polar Decoder for 5G Vehicular Communication
Yu Wang, Lirui Chen, Shikai Qiu, Li Huang, Zuocheng Xing

Overhead of V2X secured messages: an analysis
Joao Rufino, Joaquim Ferreira, Joao Almeida, Bruno Silva, Luis Silva

ROM-P: Route Optimization Management of Producer Mobility in Information-Centric Networking
Yong Jin Park, Xian Wee Low, Zhiwei Yan, Yu Beng Leau, Nisar Kashif, Ag Ibrahim Ag Asri

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