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Intelligent Transport Systems – From research and development to the market uptake

November 29–30, 2017 | Helsinki, Finland

Organising Committee

General Chair

Prof. Tatiana Kovacikova, University of Zilina, Slovakia

TPC Chair

Prof. Tatiana Corejova

University of Zilina


Prof. Milan Dado

University of Zilina


George Teodorescu

Chairman Danubius Academic Consortium & Head of the Institute for Integral Innovation


Web Chair

Samia Ait Zaoucheova, University of Zilina

Publicity and Social Media Chair

Dr. Veronika Sramova, University of Zilina, Slovakia

Workshops Chair

Dr. Giuseppe Lugano, University of Zilina, Slovakia

Sponsorship & Exhibits Chair

Prof. Ladislav Janousek, University of Zilina, Slovakia

Publications Chair

Nathalie Lugano, University of Zilina, Slovakia

Local Chair


Conference Manager

Anna Horvathova, European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), Slovakia